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  • BRAND new website!

    It contains Hadeeths from the book “Saheeh al-Jaami as-Sagheer wa Ziyaadah”.

    All the Hadeeths have been authenticated by Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albaanee (May Allaah have mercy upon him).

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  • As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Well done brother Haroon. Please could you put resources in Urdu language as well.

    • Wa alaykums Salaam.

      Inshaa Allaah, with the Permission of Allaah, I hope to add Udru and Arabic resources on my website in the future.

      At the moment I have English/Arabic and French/Arabic resources.

      May Allaah accept our actions. Aameen

  • Assalamuailkom,

    REF: Arabic curriculum

    What is the age for starting the curriculum? I know anyone wanting to learn but have you just posted one curriculum or is it done by grade year?

    • Wa alaikum Salaam wa rahmatullahi,

      May Allaah have mercy on you.

      The Arabic curriculum I created is based on the UK curriculum system.

      Arabic Curriculum Reception = children 4 years old
      Arabic Curriculum Year 1 = children 5 years old
      Arabic Curriculum Year 2 = children 6 years old

      And so on….

      Beginners regardless of age will start from the same order as the children.

      Arabic Curriculum Reception = Stage 1
      Arabic Curriculum Year 1 = Stage 2
      Arabic Curriculum Year 2 = Stage 3

      May Allaah reward you for time and effort. If you have any further questions, please email me.

      Aboo Ibraaheem Haroon

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